Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter Classic!!!

New Year's Day brought us another NHL Winter Classic. This time the Bruins took on the Flyers at Fenway Park. I've got some great shots, and since it's New Year's I've resolved to get better at posting pictures. Linking to them is okay, but I would prefer to have them right in the text of the blog.
Here we have a gorgeous shot of center ice for the Winter Classic:

center ice,winter classic

No major sporting event seems complete without a flyover from a branch of the military, and the Winter Classic was no different:

scenic,winter classic

The Winter Classic gets a lot of media attention so there NHL appears to have made an accomodation to photographers that they can't make for regular games. Look for the peepholes:

winter classic

Take a closer look:

winter classic

Having the peephole allows photographers to use fish-eye lenses to get cool shots like this:

winter classic

The scoreboard operators were down with the game as well:

scoreboard,winter classic

And lastly, Philadelphia fans always represent:

winter classic

Until next time!

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