Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dolphins Stadium reconstruction?

Like many of you, I remember when the Dolphins used to play in the Orange Bowl. The Dolphins moved to Joe Robbie...err...Pro Player...err...Dolphins Stadium ...err....LandShark .....err.... Dolphins Stadium back in 1987. Time sure flies in the world of stadiums. (Especially when we're talking about throwing around taxpayer dollars for renovations). Well, the South Florida Super Bowl host committee is kicking around the idea of some serious renovation of Dolphins Stadium. Money picture:

joe robbie

What you can't see in that rendering is the completely reconstructed lower level. With more suites, no doubt. You can get a better look at the lower level rendering here.

The lower bowl would be reconstructed on a lower slope and would extend closer to the playing field. The hope in this would be with fans closer to the playing field, plus a roof covering them, a louder, more intimidating experience for the opposing team to come into.

25 years ago, the Hurricanes and Dolphins had one of the best home field advantages in all of football at the Orange Bowl. It was one of the loudest stadiums in both the NFL and college football, and both teams had considerably long home winning streaks and successful seasons to show this advantage.

But who's going to pay? The stadium people and the host committee were willing to say how much the improvements would cost or who would pay. WBPF has a nice piece, including some video.

Let's face it, there have been far too many taxpayer giveaways to rich people who own teams in the recent past. It's time for taxpayer dollars to be minimal for renovations or new stadiums.

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