Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bill Belichick: "WAAAHHHHH!!!"

Stephanie Stradley writes a blog for and has a nice piece about the Bill Belichick complaining about the Reliant Stadium conditions for the Patriots/Texans game this past Sunday.
Money quote:

Belichick called the field conditions"terrible" and "inconsistent" claiming, "When I walked out before the game, I was surprised to see how bad it was."

Gee, if he thought the surface was bad, why did he play so many of his key starters for so long? Even after Welker got hurt in the game on a surface he felt was bad?

In other news, the field at Paul Brown Stadium will be ready for the cold/snow/sleet this weekend (unlike Giants Stadium this past Sunday).
Money quote:

That won't happen here. Today, after an inch of snow and temperatures in the teens, the field is actually toasty. That's because buried underneath the turf is five miles of 3/4 inch plastic tubing.

Eric Brown, Stadium Manager: "It runs back and forth about six inches apart and we have about 90 degree glycol running through that tubing, which essentially heats the soil underneath, which keeps the field from freezing."

Last, but most certainly not least, check out the field for the BCS Championship. It's ready!!!

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