Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Hockey Season!!!

The NHL season got underway October 1 with some games here in North America. But, the NHL, like the NFL, eyes Europe as a market they'd like to sell more jerseys in, scheduled some games there. The St. Louis Blues and the Detroit (Hockeytown) Red Wings played a pair in Stockholm, Sweden. The Chicago Blackhawks and the Florida Panthers had two games in Helsinki, Finland. Because if there is one thing that comes to mind when you say "Florida Panthers" it's "Helsinki, Finland".

As befitting such a special occasion, the center ice in Helsinki was adorned with a commemerative logo. Something else from those games. The dasher boards appear to be covered with plexiglass, giving photos a certain reflectivity. I'm not sure if there are ads on rolls behind the plexiglass, or if they have them just for general appearance. Chances are I'll never know because I don't live in Finland, and I'm not quite interested enough to investigate further.

Back here in the States, the opening of the season was noted with 'Face Off' logo just inside each blue line. Here's the one from Flames/Stars game last night.

Now we all know that dasher boards have ads on them. But, when do they get put on? This shot from the September 19 Buffalo Sabres preseason game shows a section of the dasher without an ad. Did they not get the ad space sold in time?

Last, but by no means, least! The NHL Winter Classic will take place January 1 at Fenway Park. This year the Bruins will take on the Flyers in the great outdoors.
And it will look a little something like this....
Pretty neat, isn't it?
Want another shot? Okay, here you go!

Coming Soon:
English Grass!!

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