Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Forget Denver, it's all about San Diego!!!

I'm back!

Monday night in San Diego was a Legacy game against the Denver Broncos. I've previously covered the Mile High staff doing up their field as part of the festivities. I hadn't heard a thing about the staff in San Diego was doing for the 50th anniversary of the AFL.

Turns out, they've been pretty busy! The Chargers last home game was September 27 against the Dolphins. A road game and a bye week gave the stadium crew three weeks to get ready for the Monday night showcase and they made the most of it. The before shots: midfield features the Chargers 50th logo and the end zone is their standard.

Monday night: let's start at midfield. They've put down the AFL Legacy logo at midfield. Here's a better shot of the outstanding detail work on the logo. Take note of the detail on the eagle!
The midfield logo is great but the end zones looked breathtaking! Here's our first shot. I love end zones like this! Here's a shot from the end zone camera. It's tough to tell but the white diamonds are trimmed in yellow. Here's a second shot. You can just see the yellow in that one.
Here's a third shot. Note that there are eight 'diamonds' in the end zone. There are eight letters in San Diego. Dare I hope that they spell San Diego in the diamonds?!?!? The next Charger home game is November 1 against the hated Raiders. We'll just have to wait!

See you next time!!

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