Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Broncos Legacy Turf, and other NFL notes!!!

Would you look at that!!!

As mentioned previously, the Broncos are really getting behind the Legacy/AFL 50th big time!
Last Sunday featured simple crossed lines. This week the Mile High staff took things a little further by filling in every other 'diamond' with white paint. That really takes you back to the late 60's.

Mile High also has a midfield commemerative logo. Looks and understated and classy.

The Broncos have two road games and a bye week before their next home game November 9 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. That should give them time to work up something choice!

The Chiefs have taken a different approach. They have a nice midfield commemorative logo (looking a little rough at this point, it's their third home game in four weeks) but have their regular end zone.

The Eagles midfield logo is still in pretty good shape. (Donovan McNabb is still in pretty good shape as well).

The 49ers midfield logo looks terrific, but I find their end zone rather ugly. It looks in pretty good shape, maybe it's cause only one team was scoring in that game.

Want to see another shot of the Broncos end zone? Here you go!!

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